Service Details

Post Hospital Discharge Care after surgery, a disease, a heart attack, a stroke, a broken hip, or the birth of a child is often a challenge. Coming home is such a reward – yet, the daily activities can be overwhelming at first, and we can make your recovery better and quicker by removing the stress of day-to-day chores and activities by lending you a hand. All our programs are customized to your specific needs. Whether you need to be driven to the hospital for follow-up visits, need help with paperwork or prescriptions, taking care of other family members, feeding or walking your pet, or cleaning your home, you can always count on us.

Affordable Fees

  • Minimal care (less than 10 hours per week): $1,495.00 per month.
  • Basic care (20 hours per week): $1,950.00 – $2,825.00 per month.
  • Full-time care (40 hours per week): $3,795.00 – $4,925.00 per month.

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