Service Details

Active companionship includes activities such as conversation, reading, playing card or board games, doing crafts, and even reminiscing about fond memories through pictures or home movies. Companionship has been proven to be a very important part of home care, for your intellectual, emotional, and psychological well-being, as well as reducing a feeling of isolation. These activities are customized to your background, and interests. Our caregivers are trained to understand the type of activities, conversation, books, magazines, hobbies or entertainment that you enjoy most, and which are most beneficial to your well-being. Perhaps going with your caregiver outside the home is not always possible or comfortable for you. So, having a high-quality meal at home, or doing homey activities are great options, and our caregivers are just terrific at providing such enjoyable entertainment. However, home care does not mean that you are stuck at home either. Whenever possible or appropriate, the Plans of Care often include outdoor activities, such as walking in the park, meeting a friend for lunch, going to a movie, or attending a religious service. Being able to attend special interest events, your grand-daughter’s birthday party, your grand-son’s graduation or weddings can have a huge positive impact on your life.

Affordable Fees

  • Minimal care (less than 10 hours per week): $995.00 per month.
  • Basic care (20 hours per week): $1,595.00 – $2,350.00 per month.
  • Full-time care (40 hours per week): $2,950.00 – $3,980.00 per month.

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